Web application for calculating travel mileage

Last week I started trying to tally all my business-related travel mileage for the year, and was struggling to do it in a non-tedious fashion. The key problem was that I haven’t really kept good track. It’s quite rare that I think about it when I get in my car, and even more rare that I remember to write down an odometer reading when I return. Although when I say “rare” I really mean “never”.

However, I do keep good track of my meetings and travel in Google Calendar, and started delving into the API to try to figure out a way to automate the process of extracting scores of entries into a spreadsheet and cross-referencing mileage results from Google Maps.

After a few hours of hacking I had something pretty decent, and decided to continue working on it so that others could easily use it if needed. So here it is: a web application for calculating travel mileage. You can use it to calculate mileage for any number of start/destination addresses and download the results to a spreadsheet. If you use Google Calendar, you can pull events from a specific date range and calculate mileage using the locations you entered for an event.

Let me know what you think — questions, suggestions, etc.

Many thanks to Doug Karr for putting together the design and being a beta tester.

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