Private betas

I read about new web application launches frequently, and as you can guess it’s always interesting to me to evaluate what others are building. However, it seems like more and more sites are launching under “private beta” status where you give them your contact information and may or may not receive an access key to try out their application. This is annoying on so many levels:

The only benefit to doing this that I can think of to doing this is that you don’t want to be deluged by new customers because of support and infrastructure costs. But I can’t see a new site getting hit like this unless it’s launched by one of the aforementioned heavyweights. And in that case they should be able to absorb that cost pretty quickly.

All this being said, I’m finishing up development on a second web service, and have a true private beta up for anyone who’s interested. I think it’ll be especially interesting for anyone that uses RSS pretty frequently. There a number of finishing touches left before I release it possibly in the next week couple weeks, but it’s otherwise stable, and I’m using it on a regular basis now. Shoot me an email or IM if you want to try it out.

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