Ponyfish launch

Wow. In the first 24 hours of going live, the Ponyfish site has seen more unique visitors than the Formstack in the months of March and April combined. New feeds are getting created by the minute, and a good percentage of those users are registering for accounts as well. I even had some of those users already opt for the upgrade to the premium plan.

The money so far would hardly pay for a tank of gas, and the traffic numbers would leave me far from a 4-digit Alexa ranking, but I’m pretty pleased with the response in the first day. Some of the traffic is trickling to the Formstack as well, as ponyfish.com is currently the top referring domain for the site.

Almost all the buzz can be attributed to:

From there, Ponyfish has been showing up on a variety blogs and sites.

Some of the bad news is that there are a few bugs in regards to how Ponyfish handles non-English pages, especially with languages that use different character sets (e.g., Asian languages). This is something that I might have thought to look at if I sat on the release a while longer, but then again maybe not.

[Updated references to Formstack to prevent confusion about the name change]

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