Opposition to net neutrality

In case I came across as too one-sided in my post about net neutrality, I want to refer you to Hands off the Internet, a grassroots site opposing any sort of net neutrality amendment.

Except that it’s not really a grassroots site. It’s a site built and funded by the telecoms and their lobbyists, that tries hard to pretend it’s built and funded by concerned citizens like you and me. In addition to building the site, telecom shills are also posting comments on blogs pretending to be concerned citizens, as some bloggers have discovered.

(This reminds me of the phony Microsoft switcher ad from a few years back, when a Microsoft PR rep pretended to be a real customer who decided to switch from a Mac to a PC.)

So these are the companies I’m supposed to trust to “play fair” when they have the freedom to control the Internet?

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