One of the things that worries me is that one of the big guns like Microsoft, Google or Yahoo will announce a product that competes head-to-head with one of my mine, or makes a move that otherwise makes mine obsolete in some way. It’s nothing that I lose sleep over, but something that crosses through my mind from time to time, as I’m sure it does every small business owner.

Along these lines, it saddens me to see that the perfect website might now become obsolete due to a recent announcement by ABC. Of course, this isn’t to say that the website couldn’t be quickly re-tooled to answer the slightly different question that I will now ask each week.

And isn’t being able to turn on a dime the beauty of having a small business? It’s the ace up our sleeve if the new Microsoft decides to task a few dozen programmers and marketers with crushing us. No board meeting to schedule, committee to form, or bean counters to run the numbers by — just tweak the right things and go. Or is that just what we tell ourselves?

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