I am not a designer

I finally got some copy up on the Recursive Function site and redesigned the Formstack site as well to integrate the new logo. It’s funny how four people in the last two days have asked me when I’m going to add copy to the RF site. You guys are so impatient. ;)

Actually, I’m glad people kept asking because it spurred me to do it. I know I said it was a high priority, but that didn’t mean it was what I was most apt to jump on at the start of the day. I’ve been working on the design and copy off and on for the last couple weeks and need to just go with something. I need to live up to one of my mantras, “release early, release often.”

I am not a designer, but I’ve always enjoyed tinkering with website design. I’ve always been in awe watching the designers I’ve worked with crank out really incredible designs with ease. Me, I typically start by trying to find gold at sites like OSWD, hacking at a great template until it’s completely butchered, then starting again at the beginning with a new template.

I am also not a copy writer. Though I’ve enjoyed writing creative fiction since I was a young kid, in my eyes writing website copy is akin to writing a self-evaluation during review time.

Part of the frustration with me doing both of these tasks is that I feel strongly enough about what I don’t like, but don’t quite have what it takes to produce what it is that I do like. And to make matters worse, I think I know enough to maybe get 75-95% of the way there, but don’t quite have the skill to add that expert touch. This is quite unlike programming for me where once I know what I want, the head to code process is painless, and usually pretty quick.

But even though both don’t come easy to me, I enjoy the experience. That’s part of the MicroISV fun — wearing all hats in a business, and learning in the process. If I didn’t ever have to play designer, copy writer, marketing guy, lawyer, accountant and janitor then work would be pretty dull.

Of course, sometimes I have to concede and let someone else do the work that a) I’m not very skilled at and b) is critical to the success of the business. But there’s been no shortage of people who have accurately pointed out that I’m a control freak and a tightwad, so it’s sometimes a struggle to let go. :)

[Updated references to Formstack to prevent confusion about the name change]

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