Do we really need more blogs out there?

If you would’ve asked me that question two months ago, I probably would have said no. But I’m swallowing my pride and jumping on the bandwagon even though I promise to never ever use this word in conversation.

So why did I change my mind? A few reasons:

  1. I’m writing a new chapter in my career life (more on that later), and see this as a way to chronicle my adventures. I’ve journaled in the past, but I think putting my thoughts together in a blog will only help me strengthen my thoughts and processes.
  2. I’ve seen the light — blogs are a great tool to keep in touch with people. Since I’m setting out on my own, I want to use this tool to keep in touch with former colleagues, and get in touch with potential partners and clients.
  3. I wouldn’t be able to embark on this adventure if it weren’t for the great resources out there for small business owners and software developers. The growing number of Micro-ISV blogs have invaluable in helping me point to all these resources. I want to contribute back to that community by sharing what’s working for me and what’s not.
  4. My brother has one. I love him like ahem a brother of course, but we’re competitive that way. I’ve already ceded that he’s the slightly more attractive brother (to some people at least), but I’ve always been the technology guy in the family, and I’ll be remiss if he’s going to have a blog and I’m not. :)

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