Buffett doing what he loves every day

I’m a big admirer of Warren Buffett. Not just because he’s a wildly successful businessman by any measure, but because he’s so down to earth, practical, and maintains a high standard of integrity.

I recently watched an interview/documentary on CNBC about Buffett, and I recommend it for anyone who’s even mildly interested in learning about the man. It’s refreshing to see someone worth over $50,000,000,000 living in the same “normal” house he’s been living in for decades, driving himself around town, and walking around without a bodyguard or entourage. His example speaks volumes in the context of our uber-materialistic culture.

Here’s one of my favorite quotes from the interview:

I tell the students that come out here … they’re living better than John D Rockefeller lived. I mean they’re warm in winter and cool in summer and they can watch the World Series. They can do anything in the world. They literally live better than Rockefeller…. Really getting to do what you love to do every day — that’s the ultimate luxury. And particularly when you can do it with terrific people around you.

Below is the clip at YouTube, where you can find the rest of the interview:

And if you’re in the mood to read more about the man, cuddle up by the fire with Buffett: The Making of an American Capitalist.

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