Announcing Formstack

It’s time to launch one of the projects I’ve been working on for the last few months — a web-based service at Formstack. The service provides you with the ability to easily create, host and process data collected from any kind of online form.

There are a lot of people still pushing paper forms around in the workplace. Even though most of them would tell you they’d rather process forms electronically, they find there aren’t very many easy and inexpensive solutions to create online forms. What Formstack offers is a completely web-based interface for someone to quickly create and host forms without needing any knowledge of HTML or scripting.

While online forms are nothing new, webmasters typically setup online forms to receive submissions via email. That may work for “contact me” forms, but it’s not a great way to manage the data if you want to collect information from hundreds or thousands of users. When you create and host a form at Formstack, all the submitted data can be stored in a database so you can search and view the information online, or download it at a later date to use in applications like Microsoft Excel or Access.

Take a tour of the application, read more about the other features, or sign up for a free account if you’re interested. I’d love to hear feedback (positive or negative) from you if you give it a try. Feel free to post your thoughts on the blog, or email me directly.

[Updated references to Formstack to prevent confusion about the name change]

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