I finally hired an accountant last week. It’s something I’d been putting off, which was certainly a mistake on my part. Of course, dreaded April 15th is still over 4 months away, but it’s finally sunk in that the worst time to see an accountant and start thinking about taxes is April 14th.

I’ve used H&R Block’s online tax return service for a few years, and while it may be great if you only need to file W2s, it’s not a great solution at all for me as a sole proprietor. The key for me is that an accountant who I can sit down and talk face-to-face with is going to ask me important questions like, “how many miles did you drive last year between your office and Staples to pick up supplies?” The H&R Block form just assumes that you knew you could write that off, and would enter it in line 472C if applicable.

I am by no means an expert in accounting or taxation, and everyone’s situation is unique, but I can share a little bit of my accountant’s feedback:

Things my accountant didn’t frown at

Things my accountant almost smacked me for doing

Her best advice: “If you read something on the Internet telling you such and such is the right thing to do, just send me an email and ask about it. Don’t believe any bozo with a blog.” (OK, maybe I took some creative liberties with that last part).

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