07/07/07 07:07:07

I couldn’t resist writing this post.

I love number patterns more than I’m willing to admit publicly. Clocks always seem to catch my eye at times like 11:11 or 4:56. I have Monk-like tendencies that prevent me from setting alarms to any “weird” number (minutes 00 or 30 are safe, 45 is OK, but 49 is taboo unless it’s 7:49). I’ll strain to hear the TV just so I don’t have to turn the volume to 17.

Some good friends of mine got married on 04/04/04 (but at 1pm … argh!). 05/05/05 was especially interesting because of its significance as a popular holiday. I was pretty much ready for the world to end during last year’s numerical event.

Today, despite 120°F+ temperatures and rogue shooters, I really really want to be in Las Vegas. (It helps that the World Series of Poker main event is going on right now).

(Oh, to give you a clue as to how weird I can be about this sort of thing … this post is 777 characters long and about 7K of HTML without comments.)

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